Mechanical and biochemical properties are of high importance for understanding the status and function of cells, tissue and organs. kibero's imaging systems help you in investigating biological specimen even if you cannot look inside the samples. The unique combination of non-invasive ultrasound, photoacoustics and conventional optical microscopy provides fast and easy quantitative insights into deep tissue structures and 3D cellular models making the easySAM, easyPAM and SASAM systems ideal for a broad range of applications such as:

- microbiology, basic cell research, cell mechanics
- investigation of living multicellular spheroids and 3D tissue models
- investigation of tumor models
- characterization of biopsies
- investigation of tissue grafts
- tissue engineering and regenerative medicine
- hydrogel and matrix characterization
- bone, bone implants, dentistry
- skin imaging
- developmental biology

Originally developed for life science applications our systems have also demonstrated superior performance in related fields such as:

- material sciences
- ceramics
- semiconductors
- composite materials

Please request our application notes for various use cases or look at our literature references for more insights in the various applications.